17 August 2009

Cosmic Connections: Divine Mind, Frequencies, and Healing

To tell us that each species of things is endowed with an occult specific quality of the acting and produces manifest effects, is to tell us anything, but to get two or three general principles of movement phenomena, and then tell us how the properties and actions of all corporeal things follow from those manifest principles, would be a big step. - Isaac Newton

   There are some principles that some of the most renowned scientists and more spiritual about all researchers agree. The entire universe is composed of electromagnetic frequencies, is pure energy and everything has a consciousness.

   This article is a small attempt, based on scientific research to validate the relationship and inseparable connection between the divine mind and consciousness of human beings in relation to the true healing of body, mind and spirit.

   Ancient manuscripts and the prophets have predicted that over time, all healing is accomplished through the use of light, color and sound vibrations. How do they relate to electromagnetic frequencies? Just as a note of C in the lower register of a keyboard has a harmonic resonance in connection with a note of C 1, 2 or 3 octaves above it. The same is true of the electromagnetic spectrum. A simple example would be, if you strike a tuning fork, tuned to C at a lower rank due to another note C tuning fork meets eighth highest, relatively close to begin with and vibrant. This is known as harmonic resonance.

   Most of the electromagnetic spectrum is invisible, and that samples of his entire frequency range. Exhibiting the highest frequencies known are gamma rays, X rays and ultraviolet light.

Infrared radiation, microwaves, radio waves, and occupy the lower frequencies of the spectrum. In this article, as mentioned electromagnetic frequency, please note that I refer to the natural frequency electromagnetic DC man did not electromagnetic frequencies, such as AC power lines and transformers, microwaves or cell phones.

Both visible light and the sound is measured in a very narrow band of frequencies. Sound is vibrations in the 1000's to 100 cycles per second. Fluctuations of light is in billions of cycles per second. Mathematically sound waves can accelerate forty octaves (doubling forty times) and often comes within the parameters of light wave oscillations.

Until recently there was little connection between the ancient mystery schools of good use and used in sacred geometry healing, and electromagnetic frequencies. However, in the coming years will see a greater merging of scientific medicine for healing and ancient sacred wisdom. For thousands of years these two schools of thought have been completely separated. It's time to meet and recreate once again the bridge between the physical and spiritual healing based on natural laws of creation.

Just as sound and light are related in harmonic octaves, which is known for all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, including the activity of brain waves. Vital electric and magnetic fields that surround and interpenetrate the human body is full of many vibrations and frequencies. It is simply random noise, or could be of various aspects of consciousness operating at different levels of consciousness?

   The research is to discover a fascinating connection between mind and the divine nature of human consciousness, which involves coating layer within the frequency bands, each with its own function conscious. It has been demonstrated that by infusing the body with certain parts of these frequency bands, which can speed recovery and extend our human potential.

For decades science has been the investigation and focusing on the frequency bands of the physical consciousness, the cells of our bodies, which combine to make our organs, nerves and brain. A number of researchers, such as Rife, Crane, Dr. Priore naked and "have contributed greatly to the validation and documentation of the exact frequencies at which various viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms that cause diseases in vibrate. But still largely unrecognized by the medical establishment. Despite a large number of cures and recoveries successfully in all kinds of diseases, including cancer, with zero side effects using pulsed electromagnetic frequency DC.

Until recently, there are other levels of awareness that Trinidad has focused on the project to affect emotional, mental and spiritual healing. In the same vein is another notable researcher, Dr. Valerie Hunt. In his book, "Infinite Mind Science of Human Vibration", which maps the electrical frequencies of the body, as measured by EMG, with the emotional states of subjects and colors as seen by viewers and found that the frequencies range from about 200 Hz and 2000 Hz in correlation with emotional awareness. We identified three bands: the banda physics below 200 Hz, the emotional banda, 200 to several thousand Hz, and what might be called a collective unconscious mind of the banda or higher, above 10,000 Hz is cree that through this banda superior, creative intuition to promote new flows of scientific and inspirational works of art. These three bands can be seen the body, mind and spirit of humanity.

Some scientists and researchers began to notice the connection when it was discovered that when energy healers around the world, established its intent to cure, often emit electromagnetic frequencies in the range of 8 Hz to 14 Hz This could reveal a relationship inseparable from the Divine Mother Earth and human beings from Earth's electromagnetic field in which the pulses specific range?

Research also indicated that this range, known as the EEG alpha range of researchers, acts as a bridge between the Theta (4-8 Hz) and beta range (13-40 Hz). The Theta range is generally associated with our physical life and our commitment to what we are. The range of beta is generally associated with metal or our lives the way we think should be our life. When these two views of our lives are discordant or out of harmony, that are miserable. Therefore, a disease state is created.

In the study of other documented scientific research and the correlation of our results, the Trinity project scientifically discovered some of the teachers' lessons, which in the NOW. "Y" is not linked with our expectations. "O If you prefer, go with the flow and allow yourself to be guided by the spirit. "

In my clinical use of an electromagnetic frequency generator, and other research results, it appears that infusion of an Alpha pattern, the client or subject test is much more likely to drop destructive attachments and expectations, enabling them to quickly forward in life. Trinidad has always been the draft conclusions, if a change in the emotional, mental and spiritual, based on the expansion of consciousness and releasing negative belief systems then, the long-term cure may be achieved a harmonious balance of electromagnetic communication between body, mind and spirit. Now consider this, if it can rapidly affect positive change in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies simultaneously, this could be the beginning of the long prophesied fusion of science and the arts of spiritual healing?

In the spiritual and metaphysical communities, it is believed that the pineal gland is the master gland associated with the intuitive and psychic awareness or consciousness, our God. Scientists, Rife, Dr. Crane and recommend uncovered all 20 Hz frequency lower than the sequence of frequencies that eliminate virus and bacteria caused diseases, and the stimulation of the pineal gland and

dreams. By comparing their findings, the research of Dr. Hunt, and part of my work with the brain wave frequencies ranging from 17 Hz to 25 Hz around, he made some very interesting observation. Apparently, when using this frequency band, creating a bridge between consciousness and the heart of analytical or intuitive knowledge. This could be likened to the Alpha bridge between analytical consciousness and physics.

During a session of healing through the Trinity or the sound box magnetic Camera, clients say that the feeling is like a soft "floating in space" that allows one to experience a deep state of relaxation occurs very rapidly. EEG during the tests showed that the experience of healing, the lower Alpha, Theta and Delta, even the State is achieved. Delta is true, in general, virtually impossible to achieve. Scientific research has shown that in the bottom Theta and optimally in the Delta is where the state is the perfect cure. The most experienced apparent almost immediately, is the elevation and balancing of the whole issue of energy systems.

In my research and practice of healing using the Trinity Table and magnetic sound chamber, specially selected and original compositions of healing music, sound and electromagnetic frequencies are reproduced. Often, live singing, toning or drums used in the tradition of the ancient healing arts. In addition, various gems and quartz crystals are used to improve the earth's natural magnetic field and vibration by positioning within a geometric pattern around the room or on the device.

Apparently the old understands more about what the crystals were believed until now. Modern science has shown that quartz crystals have the ability to have a form of energy and transfer to another form of energy. Quartz crystals can be considered as energy transducers. In other words, the quartz crystals can convert mechanical energy into electrical impulses and electrical energy into mechanical energy. This is called the piezoelectric effect.

Today, sophisticated devices have shown that the human body has a steady stream or flow of electricity through it, so in some sense the human body is an electromagnetic coil or antenna. Human DNA, which is a double helix molecule chapter, serving as an antenna and are known to emit electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, it is quite easy to understand how it can be positively influenced by all these natural forms of electromagnetic frequencies. All things in nature seek harmonious balance.

Measurements show that during a session of healing, the use of the Trinity or the table of magnetic sound chamber, a high and enhanced inter-sized energy field that is produced. This greatly increases the intensity of the healing session. This field is of very high intensity in one twenty feet in diameter, with a strong secondary field up to thirty-five feet in diameter.

Aura photography has been used to document the strengthening and expansion of the customer's energy system. For example, the average person's energy field 12-18-inch spans the entire physical body. A few minutes of experiencing the Trinity Table and the Chamber of magnetic sound, your energy field is shown to increase 8-15 feet around your physical body.

Virtually all clients and all professionals in the healing that has experienced these, in his words, sacred Atlantean Healing Technologies, has been truly surprised by the results. These sacred instruments, when used with the proper intention, easily serve to raise awareness and improve the connection with the One Universal Energy Source in all frequencies on the healing of body, mind and spirit.

Scientists acknowledge that the information is becoming available and new discoveries are happening so fast you can not write fast enough or even begin to teach the masses. This article does not cover all aspects of electromagnetic frequencies. However, I hope that the connection between the mind of God, natural electromagnetic frequencies and the creation has been proven scientifically, as it relates to consciousness and healing.

Ancient prophets and mystics have said that "the Creator is in everything and everything." We exist entirely within half electromagnetic. Not just an "electromagnetic environment" in our own space, but is an electromagnetic environment in hyperspace aware. Everything is in harmonious balance and therefore comprises the internal structure of the electromagnetic half! That is what is the empty space of time, the virtual state, and what is physical substance. It's all alive. There is nothing but life. Electromagnetic medium is pure Divine consciousness.

As healers and spiritual energy, if we can help our customers understand what they really are, there is no better remedy to eliminate suffering. This is the heart of all spiritual practices.