17 August 2009

Evening Primrose Oil

Fatty acids, essential fatty acids, fatty acids, linoleic acid (LA), γ - linolenic acid (GLA) and polyvalent unsaturated prostaglandins. If the "subject" is the only word to leave the head is not swimming. After the food and its role in addressing the oil-fat diet and nutrition of the joint report and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization, the health of our attention has been given the role of these views. This study, at least in the daily caloric intake of 3% of us are "in the form of essential fatty acids" (EFA), 5% of children and pregnant / breast-feeding is recommended to please his mother.

And essential fatty acids is why it is so important? EFA's play an important role in the overall health of our body. They are an established part of all cells is to control the metabolism of cells. EFA essential functions of the four main bodies: 1) energy, 2), 3), 4) to isolate the nerve to maintain our body temperature to protect and cushion the body's tissues. 2 key (EFA) linoleic acid and γ - the polyunsaturated fatty acid linolenic酸SHI. LA has not been produced in the body, must be obtained through dietary intake. LA, working as an energy source, in an efficient way to convert what is the total rental space of other substances such as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormone is the substance that is found in all body cells. They are important in maintaining a healthy body, as once they have to always be supplementary to achieve a goal, it is destroyed.

Prostaglandins goal is to reduce the risk of blood clotting reduce the blood pressure, stimulate the immune system, and regulation of brain function. Animals have shown to prevent arthritis research at the University of Pennsylvania. This is, in Europe, researchers are testing similar results in humans. EFA is a source of evening primrose oil is the study of these

Once we have enough to eat but the EFA, LA by way of processing the structure is changed, (and then called trans fatty acids) were considered. These fatty acids are actually to block the normal conversion process. Our Western lifestyle - too much fat and cholesterol, vegetable oil processing, and alcohol - also hinders the saturation of the conversion process. Obstruction, even with age, low thyroid function, slow metabolism, infection, illness, and consideration of diet, zinc deficiency will be dramatic.

Evening primrose oil, gamma and rich natural source - a-linolenic acid. Linoleic acid is about 72% and 9% including the GLA. This is the essential GLA, evening primrose oil contains high is valuable can not form a sufficient GLA. This is being treated with radiation, if you do not obtain sufficient essential fatty acids in their diet or low thyroid function, including excessive drinking and alcohol beverage. Direct cause of the GLA, on the amount needed to produce GLA for optimum health from the pressure of the body.

Preliminary studies in Sweden, antioxidant, OIRUFURIRAJIKARU form of evening primrose are also related to the conduct of the counter. Free radicals are most often associated with the aging process. Only one is to maintain the health benefits of evening primrose oil. Also, related to the extensive arthritis in England and Europe, to reduce pain, control of complications of diabetes, liver, kidney failure, alcohol, depression, multiple sclerosis, skin / hair / nail repair , the most impressive, and cut the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and to control the control study.

In the St. Thomas Hospital in London, the PMS evening primrose oil three times daily, 67 percent of participants had not achieved relief of symptoms found with the given 22% of suffers. (In total, 89% had positive results of evening primrose oil.) Is not as popular in the United States, evening primrose oil, providing most of the stores in the health food and nutrition center. And research become available and more are known as evening primrose oil that is why, in general, "all of the treatment of the King" 17-century England.