19 August 2009

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Robert L. Borosage: Health Care: Let the Majority Be Heard
By Robert L. Borosage
There are a lot of talking heads out arguing that the "left" shouldn't be so extreme as to risk health care reform by insisting on the public option or the lifting of the absurd ban on negotiating lower drug prices.
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Clem's Chronicles: Auto Comeback?/Afghani Violence/Health Care Co ...
By World News with Charles Gibson
howdy folks-sorry no video links tonight. here's what we're focusing on.... AUTO INDUSTRY/PRIMED FOR A COMEBACK?-What's that sound I hear? Could it be the sound of automobile factories ramping up production? GM is scrambling to re-stock ...
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Barack Obama: Organizing for health-care: The Swamp
By Mark Silva
He notes that "this is a critical time in this president's administration,'' with the White House in full-press mode for a health-care reform package that offers insurance to the millions of uninsured and new protections for those ...
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Prairie Health Care Companion - Timothy Egan Blog - NYTimes.com
By By Timothy Egan
As the public health care option gets hammered by a campaign of disinformation, the co-op model deserves a fair hearing.
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Hot Air » Blog Archive » Video: Barney Frank town hall on health ...
By Allahpundit
Video: Barney Frank town hall on health care goes pretty much as expected.
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