17 August 2009

Pomegrenate as antioxidant

Powerful pomegranate. Extraordinary health benefits of this delicious exotic fruit: pomegranate juice almost three antioxidant in green tea and red wine equal volume times.

And, of course, place the pomegranate in a very high pedestal that is increasingly health conscious, for an aging society. Why? Help to neutralize free radical damage from the antioxidants. Free radicals, may damage the material of the chemical reaction in the cells of our body. The free radicals linked to a degenerative disease, accelerated aging.

Clinical nutrition research, the journal has been published in the U.S.: "pomegranate, red wine has been available to prove that the source of the most powerful antioxidant, tomatoes, vitamin E and various other from heading the company. "
When you praise the pomegranate, the fashion press, it is screaming hot. A recent article in Vogue magazine yell: "Move Up, blueberries - it was the pomegranate. That are suffering more than ever a fruit scientist.'s Lab have discovered pomegranate is good for the heart!"

Rather than drink the juice of the pomegranate is high in antioxidants and other Flex magazine wrote: "In fact, the antioxidant pomegranate is a great source."

The story's headline was: "keep away the heart of pomegranate juice every day in May"

This fruit also may help lower cholesterol, research indicates. Clinical nutrition research, the journal of the American, largely male, decreased LDL oxidation, public drinking pomegranate juice increased the antioxidant levels in the blood ( "") bad cholesterol. Beyond cardiovascular health, and illustrates the benefits of diversity in other research.

Time introduced the exception of the health benefits of pomegranate fruit at the bottom of the magazine recently, "the power of pomegranate headlines." Wrote the time: ", pomegranate, those magnificent and sparkling crown and scarlet arils , 'fruit among the major U.S. health'. with good reason - it is tart, refreshing scent, an ancient lineage, providing a blow to the antioxidants. "

Pomegranate and vitamins),), tannins (ellagic acid) punicalagin alkaloid and (pelletierines amino acids (glutanic acid, aspartic acid (especially B1, B2's, C and niacin), minerals (potassium, various nutrients and pharmacological containing the substance). as a powerful source of antioxidants, pomegranate, polyphenols to promote a healthy heart is rich.

In a strong confirmation of the power of the pomegranate, heart disease and clinical results indicate that moderate consumption of pomegranate juice Why fight for human health research.

According to research in the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, the process of oxidation of cholesterol - the artery atherosclerosis lesion is thin, leading to heart disease - as 40% of healthy subjects drank the pomegranate juice to 2-3 ounces a slowdown This will create two day week. The retention of the juice decreased LDL "bad" cholesterol oxidation and collected, forming arteriosclerotic lesions.