17 August 2009

Metaphysical Healing

Understanding Metaphysical healing. The Healing, which states, in accordance with all known traditional practices, and that beginning to understand science, is called energy healing and spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing has always existed among the religious beliefs and practices,
along with the mystery, superstition, fear and misunderstanding. For many
It was also seen as something of oddity as a full or
fantasy. It was only a very short time, because the idea of giant iron birds
carrying hundreds of us through the heavens was considered to be just crazy.
Spiritual healing or energy is now becoming very real, regardless of the fact that someone chooses to believe or think. Ask almost anyone about their spiritual well-being, and they will tell you: "Oh, I have my spiritual healing in the church." Much confusion arises from the association of healing with religion and spiritual. Many people do not understand the difference.

By definition, the word "HEAL" means 1. To restore the health and sustainability, 2. To set right, repair, 3. To restore a person of spiritual integrity, 4. To become whole and sound, to return to health.

By definition, the "spirit" means, 1. Life principle or animating force
in living things, non-consciousness. There are about twelve
more development primarily associated with various religious implications.

By definition, a "religion" means, 1. Faith and reverence to
supernatural power or powers regarded as creator and ruler of
Universe 2. A set of beliefs, values and practices based on the teachings of spiritual leader.

Based on these common interpretations of how things are, many
paradoxes created. As a result, the effect of confusion and the UN-wellness.
However, as we begin to understand it this way: all objects in
Universe is energy and consciousness. It feels like anyone of that fact
can not change it. The purpose of all religions is the recognition that
are part of ourselves that is not physical, and there is a need
explore and experience this aspect of themselves. Part of the intention is to
discover their purpose and live well, that part
The objective also includes the attainment of truth and spiritual well-being.
Nevertheless, the results with regard to our spiritual health, most of them were
a terrible failure. If the most important aspect of our time is our spiritual
self, it is a miracle, we still exist.

Today, many churches are in a state of extreme confusion in an attempt to
enter the next millennium. Their biggest struggle is to include
all currently known knowledge and assimilate it into their dogma and
theology. The problem lies in the impossibility of reconciling the obvious flaws
In the majority of theology and doctrine. The obvious shortcomings and how political
and nationalistic and other special interests and policies have resulted in
History is full of disappointments and tragedies.

I have a council of ministers and individuals who had spent all his life in religious practice, which has never had a spiritual experience for all of his life. For many, it only creates confusion. Church full of believers and few knowers. Speaking with one minister in 1982, I asked him what would happen if one Sunday morning he was up to his congregation and tell them "the truth", his response was: "I went up to the sun, I must say them what they want to hear. "

Perhaps the most brilliant early pioneer in modern psychiatry was William
James, in the late 1800's. Dr. James was about a hundred years ahead
his time. This is a world class lecturer and noted authority ruffled more
a few feathers when he said: "In our Western civilization, the cause of our
the greatest psychological problem of Religion. "No wonder that even today
Most people, including psychiatrists, have never heard of it.

God is in the opinion of many, while the founder and builder of
Universe and, ultimately, the controller of all things, is also seen as
something very distant and foreign. The only way a conscious revelation
Christ and other Masters was the realization that this is not the case. Definite article
Knowing that it is in full implementation has been realization that
everything and everything is part of the whole. Since this was
Increasing also have experience of the very essence of God or
Creator and what we call love. Under normal conditions, and human
Understanding the extent of this love was just a huge scale, and
its ability to overcome all.

For those who have never had this experience, try to imagine a time when you felt the supreme love Have you ever experienced increased millions of times, and it probably does not even come close. Understanding of the Godhead in all things and the interconnected consciousness the way for all medical and wellness.

In many cultures, he always thought and / or know that we
spiritual beings, the biggest exception in our western industrialized
cultures that we have people who happen to have a soul. The most beautiful
and simple interpretation of how all the 'IS' can be found in the mother
American tradition. "Everything in the universe is Spirit, each thing in it
In the same spirit and all the connections. "That's exactly what we
beginning to understand in the field of science and quantum physics that everything in
The universe is composed of the same things, and there is a consciousness about it.

The two things that are driving scientists crazy is that all these
things exist in time, space, and their size has not yet
understand, and the possibility that operate on inland and dimensional
multi-dimensional level. The high degree of new understanding about
science and physics, that really means is now mostly a spiritual coming
from independent researchers. High-tech and aerospace research
physicists and scientists, all seem to have a more concise and accurate
understanding of the Spirit and spiritual than those with a theological

The reality and truth of the Spirit

Simply put, there is only one God or universal energy, which
All. There is only one Consciousness. We have only one
individuated expression of The One. All dogma, theology and religious
beliefs who chooses pile on this truth, is usually referred to as a bull.
It is the lack of true knowledge, and application of these distortions
, Which are the source of all problems. The spirit is alive, he
that he lived and experienced, the surest way to destroy or
to suppress it is to organize it and institutionalize it.

Trinity, this project has led to many scientific expertise such as:
Christ consciousness, in council with the elders and the Holy
Mothers, in contact with Angelic Beings. Buying gifts
Clairvoyance, Clairsensience, Clairaudience, Shamanism, Mediumship,
Empathic and mental abilities, and others. The project also
By becoming a Certified Spiritual healer and non-denominational ordained
Minister. A special insights came from all around the Trinity
The draft study. A brief description follows: All of us think or feel
affects us, and others. Implement a feeling such as anger, fear, hatred etc.
are the mind and emotions that are generated should be modified or eliminated, one of our most release is that the solutions and is an imperative.

Anyone can make a very useful first to focus only on the spiritual aspects, the emotions of love, compassion and purity of intentions and goals. In any situation where "I" and "Me" became the central thought and focus, to begin implementing this initiative as the mind Ego blocks the true spirit of yourself, and everything in the universe. No matter what you think about something like this to feel in your heart, if it is not out of love Let It Go. In this modern material world filled with cynicism and disbelief, starting to know this universe is Real Mystery And Magic for your bold imagination. All that is required for access to these points is to do with compassion, good intent and with unconditional love. These steps sound very simplistic and even banal
contained in their simplicity, are the keys to open the universe
and to identify the real reality.


If there is only one bit of knowledge derived from these writings cherish this
important information. There are only two types of people in this world,
Those who want to stay, and those who want to leave. Those who
determined to leave the setup process is already in stone and can not be
prevented. Those who want to stay, and there are problems, you can
affect fundamental changes in the solution of the body, mind and spiritual energy
structure and consciousness.

As a result, many relating to their health and well-being of their
This greatly affected by the existence of two factions, doctors and ministers.
Doctors are trained as mechanics who work on the physical mechanism.
They are in the business of treatment, they are not trained in the "Art
Healing. "The majority do not even understand the most basic concepts
Healing. Most do not understand how they can damage and even
make the death penalty for their patients.

There is little difference in the impact produced by an intentional injury curse or a prayer prayed improperly, bad advice or simply some random negative thought. Ministers are trained in traditional theosophical dogmatic perceptions specific to the cultural religious views they give. Many tend to have little notion of true spirituality and how the universe really works. As a consequence they convey misinformation, half truth, superstition and fear, as well as many related damage information on human consciousness. As a result of confusion and paradox.

Proposal of a purely religious approach would make
serious effort to examine each of them carefully and in depth.
The result would be quite amazing when one learns, and
each of them are talking about the same, only on its own
unique perspective. Real Education is developing for understanding
each showed they were only the methods and techniques. Given that
The public is receiving from many sources, Bad Information Poor
Information and misinformation continues to be inaccurate information, whether
how well intentioned.

Contrary to popular belief, true spirituality requires one hundred sixty-eight hours a week, not one.