17 August 2009

Spiritual Practice

When you learn to play tennis, because he was angry over the net several times, or did not get the ball, give up or to speak with a professional level? There is no way of course!

This game will be good if you tell somebody, so good. You need to practice what was shown. And there are a number of ways. And to have been a need to practice my skills only. Then, learn different skills. The need to maintain the skills learned in the first practice day. And then add a second skill. , And he continued to be very good.

To get out of professional practice, they are always directed. They are "" learning, that has not finished the training, learn the skills necessary to improve the game. And they are always behind and practice basic, please come polished.

But, in fact, I have to play in the sport, he said. This is how to do all the time. This is a way of life. Additionally, learning, improving skills and training to complete. Time () function, the labor union (unity), an intuitive peace, tranquility, joy, love, prosperity, compassion, and to enable the creation of the joint level, energy, and abide by all to improve the mental , where is the mission of the room. This way, you "," We must assume a spiritual practice.

Does this situation until I think: "I can stop playing this game, take your ball and go home."

In practice or a game, I'm in a group of God is God in the human body and how on earth are living in a body of human life on earth. He is the spiritual practice to the best of it.

This is a very important decision calls for a set of skills at the earliest opportunity. Then, for all or a trainer, find another way an individual can acquire a qualification. Many of the artistic practice of all - a spiritual practice. Every new situation, the situation in the past, the practice provides the perfect opportunity to make unlimited. And your life is the very basic skills as a coach is to remind people of one or more, or the like which, in certain circumstances, make sure not to use the skills and valuable could say that they can not get it.

That input is finished. Spiritual practices, to stop the ongoing process.

This is tough for me I have not yet mastered all? Rather than something to heal themselves instantly, and to clarify the situation and to respond to (all of your life) regardless, I love all the neighbors are doing What should I think? So, if you continue to practice, do all these things is not like all the rest of us.

I was able to heal his eyes. This is me, wearing glasses for 15 years, means that I do not need it anymore. I was writing on the computer for two years, will work without them. This means that the treatment or anything? Actual room, I was in the skin to heal itself is not from birth, allergies, at a time, my experiences. Sometimes I'm cold - catching ban heaven! What is happening now? I have yet to practice since.

I think I get frustrated, "I can use to fix it. However, I now, the healing ability of a single reason, I understand we are interested in visiting the earth . I have a class of one of the reasons I 'm here. So I have been continuing to learn new skills in healing, I have been training.

I was able to express a relationship of love, of hope. This is what I am using a manifest? Not at the moment. I must show some special things. However, I can say there's no current symptoms, I am the master. It is now focusing the attention on me. I have read many books on this topic. I do not have all the time. I like my generation will not be disappointed. I am using as an opportunity to learn all the circumstances. I'm from the perspective of the observer, be considered "to determine the why?" Is not expected as a result.

The way this game is similar to that discussed in the master and to stop the practice and called all my life. His concerns, to restrict the conviction, the judge, as well as prevent the application of expectations, in theology, and many are alive. The cause of the things they are feeling less than happy at any time. They are your health, economy, human relations, not a cause among carriers, is located in the heart of you.

I am who I will be happy to provide a study of inspiration, JOBITARE, a group of people, technology, delete / his personal shortcomings or transmuting helped him. He is one of about a week and worked 10 years. Joe is very successful, well-known and respected prosperity.

I tried to do anything yourself?

Of course, I could not. In addition to many other consultants and trainers, I can help. To find the guide I do: I have attended seminars and read books, friends and advisors, to promote healing or energy, and energy advice session. And they ask me for help.

Select the area to see if the improvement will have to read a book by inches. The workshop. Discuss this issue in mind and as friends. And friends, to set up a network of consultants, experts in energy and / or coach. If you are a very well find that you do not have to handle the situation and calm yourself.

For practice.